For whom?
The training World Game Practitioner is meant for educational and health professionals who have experience in guiding, researching and/or diagnosing children and/or adults. This training entitles you to purchase the World Game and allows you to work with it. Working with the World Game is bound to a license.

Unique training
Working with the World Game is enriching and proves time and again to be effective in non-speaking children, language problems or children with a fear of failure. Learning to understand the magic of this non-verbal instrument requires a lot of experience in observation and lifelong learning. Every child is unique and therefore every village build with the World Game is unique!

Within a few minutes you will gain (non-verbal) insight into the following aspects:
* the cognitive aspect (intelligence): how does the child explore their world around him?
* the affective aspect (social and/of emotional): how does the child experience their world?
* the pedagogical aspect (education/learning strategies); how does the child handle their world?
* giftedness: how does the child process knowledge and new information?

With the help of Johnnie Rasmussen and Grith Tschorn (both from the Gifted-Institute DK), and professor Evelyn Kroesbergen (Radboud University) an observation list for giftedness has been developed. This rubric can be used as a supplement to the non-verbal identification of cognitive abilities in situations regular IQ tests due to communication or cultural problems cannot be taken.

The program of the training
The World Game Practitioner training includes 2 days of lessons with a period of practice with the material in between.
Note: a training at your location covers 3 days, with the second day being the practice day for which you arrange children to come and build.

Day 1
*Learn the theory and scientific background of the World Game
* Learn to identify social/emotional aspects in the World Game
* Learn to identify learning strategies (visual and/or verbal thinking) in the World Game
* Build your own village to experience the material yourself
* Learn how to observer and fill in the form
Including the World Game material and the official manual and form (digital)

Day 2 (or next period)
*Practical day on which you test and observe several students building with the World Game
*Analysing the villages; learning to see what the `tell` you

Day 3
* Learn to identify the cognition abilities in the World Game
* Learn to identify giftedness in the World Game with the rubric
* Evaluation and certification
* License World Game Practitioner for the duration of the license year.

Practitioner license
The successful completion of the training entitles you to the license World Game Practitioner until the next July 31st.

This license gives you the right to:
* affiliation with the international `World Game Practitioner` Group
* the right to (online) feedback on built villages
* using the official logo with year indication `World Game Practitioner` on your website.
* be listed as World Game Practitioner on the website
* receiving the private World Game Practitioner Newsletter

Renewal of the license
A license year runs from August 1 to July 31 of the following calendar year. Every year on August 1 the license archive will be updated. Renewal of this license is optional and is done by paying € 195, – before July 15. The invoice will be sent in June by email. If you do not renew your license, you will be deregistered from our database and lose the license rights as described above. You still can work with the World Game of course, but you are no longer affiliated and involved in new developments, lose the right to feedback and will also not receive a new year logo to carry.

Training on location
The training World Game Practitioner is also offered on your own location/school by means of a free quote. Please send us an email with the number of participants, your location and possible dates: