`You have been an excellent teacher! You taught us critical concepts, helped us see complex relationships and determine patterns as we learned new information. Your well-paced teaching strategies were respectful of the acquisition of knowledge and your “classroom” was a safe environment where trust, risk-taking and self-efficacy was promoted. You encouraged us toward higher order thinking skills, problem-solving and imagination. No wonder we developed, with you, a warm social-emotional relationship in which to think and work together.`
Dr. Janneke Frank, Consultant, Gifted Education – Canada

`It has been the greatest pleasure to have this time learning the World Game. It has been magical. I can`t wait to see how the World Game changes the world. `
Tina Harlow, founder Guiding Bright –  Colorado USA..

‘With the knowledge I gained, I was able to coach in a much more focused way.’Josien Peters, psychologist – Belgium  ‘I really thought it was dyslexia and almost accepted this, along with the parents. Motivated by the course, I went to work and now the gap is almost gone and the child can use his talents effectively in the learning process. ‘
Mark van Dam, special teacher – The Netherlands

`As a real language thinker, I had no idea that image thinkers exist. How nice to understand this and now really have to help them in their school career.`
Carolien Heuvel, special teacher – The Netherlands