Working with the World Game is bound to a license.
Following the World Game Course entitles you to purchase the World Game and allows you to work with it. The World Game is used by professionals in educational and diagnostic research for children and adolescents. Working with the World Game is enriching and proves time and again to be effective in non-speaking children, language problems or children with a fear of failure.

The World Game Course includes a minimum of 3 days. The first day is theoretical (backgrounds, history and theory of the World Game). The last 2 days and also the period afterwards are practice days. Students must also practice sufficiently after the last course day. Learning to understand the magic of the World Game requires a lot of experience in observation and lifelong learning. Every child is unique, so every World Game is unique!

Within a few minutes gain insight into the following aspects:
1.     the cognitive aspect (intelligence): how does the child explore his world around him?
2.     the affective aspect (social and emotional): how does the child experience his world?
3.     the pedagogical aspect (education): how does the child handle his world?
4.     giftedness: how does the child process knowledge and new information?

New aspect giftedness
With the help of Johnnie Rasmussen (Danish psychologist), Grith Tschorn (President Gifted Children Denmark) and Evelyn Kroesbergen (professor at the Dutch Radboud University) an observation list for giftedness has been developed and is being tested in 2020. This rubric can be used as a supplement to the non-verbal identification of cognitive abilities in situations regular IQ tests due to communication or cultural problems cannot be taken.

Dutch World Game Course
 The Dutch Course is offered several times a year in the Netherlands and also on location. See for more information in Dutch.

English World Game Course
We regularly organize training courses, also on location. We can offer a free quote for a course at your location. In consultation we determine the theoretical day and the number of practice days.

The applicant pays and organizes:
– the location (with lunch/drinks for the trainees)
– the travel/ accomodation costs of 2 trainers

Each student also pays a fixed course fee for the World Game material, lesson books and license to work with this knowledge.

For information and/or a personal quote:

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