Working with the World Game is bound to a license.
Following the World Game Course entitles you to purchase the World Game and allow you to work with it.

The World Game Course includes a minimum of 4 days:  the first and last day are theoretical. The days in between and also the period afterwards are practice days.

The World Game Course is a meaningful, and instructive education for special teachers, psychologists and education specialists who want to get the best out of their pupil (s).

The World Game Course is focused on the non-verbal signalling of:
1.     the preference of visual/verbal thinking (visual/verbal learning system)
2.     the social-emotional characteristics present
3.     the cognitive level according to the development stages

Also you learn about the backgrounds, history and theory of the World Game. And there are practical examples based on multiple cases. Students must practice sufficiently after the first and the last course day.

Maximum number of students per course:  12

Dutch Course
 The Dutch Course is offered several times a year in the Netherlands. See for more information in Dutch.

English Course
There is a possibility to follow the English World Game Course on your location. We can offer a quote for a course in your school or practice with your team. In consultation we determine the two theoretical days and the number of practice days in between and afterwards. Also, children have to be arranged on these practice days.

The applicant pays and organizes:
– the location (with lunch/drinks for the trainees)
– the travel/ accomodation costs of 2 trainers

Each student also pays a fixed course fee for the World Game material, lesson books and license to work with this knowledge.

For information and/or a personal quote:

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